A 6-on pack for bingo games consists of six unique bingo cards on 10 separate sheets. Players can mark numbers on these cards to complete winning patterns, with the added feature of 3 ‘Bonus Line’ numbers at the top of the page. Some bingo games are ‘lead up’ games, playing two games on one single card.

Our 6-on game packs feature an added ‘Bonus Line’ game. If the first three numbers called for the game match your bonus numbers, you WIN!

Game prices cost $8 and pay up to $600 depending on the game. For more detailed information on session prices and pays please visit our Bingo department.

A regular session typically lasts about 2 ½ – 3 hours. Sessions offer a 15-minute break to get up, stretch, and grab a bite to eat, or play machines.

Present your players’ club card at the Admissions window. You will need to purchase at least one 6-on to “buy-in.” You will also want to purchase your Hot Ball and Pick-8 at admissions as they are not available from floor clerks. Purchasing certain add-ons may increase your payout when you bingo on a regular game.

Some people like to play several 6-ons at one time, and the machines allow players to play many bingo cards at once. The machine keeps track of all the cards, and even tells you when to yell bingo! At Spokane Tribe Bingo we offer we offer “Electronic package deals” that include discounts on the items in the machine. Machines are purchased at admissions. You must purchase at least 3 6-ons to use machine. You may also add additional cards to the ‘packs’ at the Admissions counter.

While a player’s club card is not mandatory to play Bingo, it offers numerous additional perks and benefits. By not having one, you might miss out on rewards and advantages that can enhance your overall gaming experience.

Spokane Tribe Bingo is a 21 and older facility. Bingo and other gaming amenities are available for anyone 21 years and up.

Yes, daubers are required on paper bingo games. Electronic only players do not need a dauber to play bingo.

Yell Bingo! You must yell bingo loud enough to stop play. The floor clerk will ask for your players’ club card and your buy-in receipt. Then they will verify your bingo. They will take your information and return it with your payout!

It is common for people to yell bingo and not have a valid bingo. We call that “practice.” If you think you could have bingo, it is better to yell than to miss out on the prize.

Yes, it is possible that two or more people bingo at the same time. In this event payouts will be split evenly amongst all the winners.

A blackout pack is a set of extra games that are played throughout the session that are not included in the 6-on regular games. These games are played to a complete blackout and most have jackpots that are typically higher than the regular game payouts. For example, the Progressive Jackpot during a session grows every session until it’s won. If the Progressive Jackpot doesn’t pay in 49 #’s or less, it will pay a consolation prize.

The flashboard is a large electronic device that displays the numbers and letters after they have been announced by the bingo caller. It is used in Bingo to make the numbers and letters easier to see and play.

Yes! That’s the cool thing about bingo. All games are played until someone wins. There will be a winner on every game.

Taxes must be claimed on any cash prize of $1,200 or more (bingo or machines). Also, complimentary prizes that total $600 or more in a year are also reported and taxed.


Sunday & Wednesday

Admissions Sales 11am
Early Bird Games 1pm
Regular Sessions 2pm

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Problem Gambling Hotline

The Spokane Tribe of Indians seeks to provide a fun and safe entertainment environment. In an effort to promote responsible gaming, we would like to offer assistance to those in need of help for gambling-related problems.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available. All calls are confidential. Please contact one of the following organizations if you have any questions or concerns:

•    National Council on Problem Gaming: 1-800-522-4700 or WWW.NCPGAMBLING.ORG

•    Evergreen Council on Problem Gaming: 1-800-547-6133 or WWW.EVERGREENCPG.ORG

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