Admission Sales

Regular Games

  • Main Pack (6on10up) $8 (Pays $200-$500)
  • Fire Ball $1
  • Pick 8 $1

Regular game purchase required for all play

Electronic Packages

Cayuse Pack

3 Main Packs (6on)
1 Drop & Win
1 Texas Blackout
1 Three Peaks

$30 (Save $3)

1 Bonanza
1 Pick 8
1 Piggy Bank

Mt. Spokane Pack

4 Main Packs (6on)
2 Drop & Win
2 Texas Blackout
2 Three Peaks

$50 (Save $5)

3 Bonanza
3 Pick 8
2 Piggy Bank
3 Double Action

Steptoe Butte Pack

6 Main Packs (6on)
5 Drop & Win
5 Texas Blackout
5 Three Peaks

$80 (Save $12)

4 Bonanza
3 Pick 8
3 Piggy Bank
3 Double Action

Floor Sales

Electronic sales are based on availability

House rules

  1. Each player must have signed a valid receipt using their own Rewards number.
  2. You must bingo on the last number called and the number must be contained in the game pattern.
  3. The number on the monitor is not valid until called.
  4. It is the player’s responsibility to yell “bingo” loud enough to stop the caller. If the caller fails to hear you, it is invalid. Once a game is closed by the caller, no “bingos” are honored. 
  5. Paper sales will cease when the caller closes the game, and the first number is visible on monitors.
  6. Daubers must be used on all games, except Pick 8.
  7. Invalid serial numbers altered or unreadable cards are invalid and will not be paid.
  8. Cannot purchase floor sales without buy-in.
  9. Prizes are divided equally among all winners. Customers must have signed the buy-in receipt.
  10. Please refrain from using your cell phone during the session. 


• No Session March 27th
• Next Session is March 31st!

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Problem Gambling Hotline

The Spokane Tribe of Indians seeks to provide a fun and safe entertainment environment. In an effort to promote responsible gaming, we would like to offer assistance to those in need of help for gambling-related problems.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available. All calls are confidential. Please contact one of the following organizations if you have any questions or concerns:

•    National Council on Problem Gaming: 1-800-522-4700 or WWW.NCPGAMBLING.ORG

•    Evergreen Council on Problem Gaming: 1-800-547-6133 or WWW.EVERGREENCPG.ORG

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