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Sports Betting at Spokane Tribe Casino

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Imagine you are watching your favorite basketball team playing the last game of the NBA Finals. Your favorite player is playing his final game, which has gone into overtime. There are three seconds on the clock, and he is poised to make a layup, ready to win the game if he makes it. You are on the edge of your seat for what is one of the most exciting games you have ever watched.

Now imagine that you have $500 riding on whether he makes that shot. That game just got a whole lot more exciting! Not only might your favorite player end his career on a high note with another championship, but you might also win a lot of money in the process.

Sports betting is a fun and exciting way for you to get even more out of the games you love. At Spokane Tribe Casino, you can watch games on a huge, high-definition screen while you enjoy drinks or food, and you can place bets on everything from which team will score the first touchdown to who will win the championship. We offer an exciting and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy games from all the sports you love and to take things to the next level with potentially lucrative bets.


You know your games inside and out, and you can school anyone on the definition of the designated hitter (and the value of one – or lack thereof) or of the hattrick. But if you’ve never placed bets on any of these games, you may be a bit confused by some of the new terminology you’ll face. Here are a few of the most common terms you’ll need to know:

You may place a big bet on an outcome you feel most strongly about. But knowing that there are no guarantees, you may place a smaller bet for the opposite outcome, ensuring that no matter what happens, you’ll come away with at least a little bit of money. This is known as hedging.

Moneyline odds determine how much you win if your bet is accurate. If there is a + symbol in front of the dollar amount, it means that you will win that amount for every $100 you have bet. If there is a – symbol in front of the dollar amount, it means that you must lay down that amount in order to win $100.

The point spread is the range, or margin, of points in which a team must win a game. In order to win this bet, the winning margin must be greater than, not equal to, the point spread. If no team beats the spread, it results in a “push,” and money placed on the bet is refunded. Teams that are favored to win are listed with a negative point spread, while those who are not favored to win are listed with a positive point spread.

Point spread bets often require a lower bet than moneyline odds, which means that the return is usually greater.

“Totals” is the term used to refer to a total bet, or an over/under bet. This is a single bet on whether the combined points (or runs or goals) of the game are over or under the odds.

There are many other terms you are likely to hear, such as oddsmaker, hook, handicap, and long shot, but you will quickly learn these as you get more involved in sports betting. You can see a full list here. All the associates at Spokane Tribe Casino are happy to answer any questions you have to ensure that you are comfortable making your bets and will have a great time.


You can make many types of bets on all kinds of games at Spokane Tribe Casino, including for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, and more. The type of bet you make will determine that type of payoff you can win. Make big bets and potentially win big money!

Here are a few of the types of bets you can make:

Like its name implies, a futures bet is one that predicts who will win some future event, such as a championship game.

A parlay bet is a single bet that combines two or more other bets. But in order to win the parlay bet, the player must win all the individual bets also. Lose one single bet, and the entire parlay bet is lost.

The advantage of placing a parlay bet instead of separate, individual bets is that you will enjoy much greater winnings. You’ll get a higher payout on a parlay bet than you would on the winnings for all the individual bets combined.

A “prop bet” is the common term for a proposition bet, which is a wager on events within a game, such as what team will score the first touchdown in a football game or even how long it will take a particular singer to get through the national anthem.

A round robin bet involves a series of parlay bets.

“Straight bet” is just a simple term referring to any individual bet on a game or other event. The bet can be based on point spread or moneyline odds.

You may want to bet on a point spread, but you may not believe that the team will fully cover the spread and make the bet pay off. With a teaser bet, you can reduce the point spread in exchange for a lower payoff.


You know your sport, and now you know enough about the betting process to start feeling like you want to put in some money. But what you might really want to know is, “Exactly how much money can I win? (Or lose?)” The answer depends not only on whether you were right when placing your bet, but also what the odds were in regards to your bet.

Typically, the odds are listed next to the bet. Say the odds are -110. That means that the oddsmakers have decided that there’s a chance of 110 to 1 that the bet you are considering will pay off. If you bet $100 with these odds and you win, you can expect to make $190, or a profit of $90.

With Vegas-style odds, you will see the odds expression showing you how much you can expect to win for every $100 you bet. With moneyline odds, you already know how much you win based on the + or – symbol.

Calculating your winnings can be a bit more complicated when you are placing parlay or round robin bets. However, the friendly and knowledgeable associates at Spokane Tribe Casino are always ready to help you with any information you need to make the bets you want. They’ll help you understand how to read the board, how to calculate the odds, and more.


The Spokane Tribe Casino is pleased to offer a full range of game play options, from table games and slots to sports betting. We have entered an exclusive partnership with Caesars Entertainment to bring the best in sports betting to the Spokane region. Caesars Sportsbook has a dedicated area inside the casino where sports fans can enjoy retail sports betting while also watching all their favorite games and enjoying delicious dining.

The seamless experience offered by Caesars Sportsbook inside the Spokane Tribe Casino makes it easier for our guests to make fast sports wager, giving them a feeling of being inside the games themselves. We offer a variety of ways to make a bet, and we give the best odds in the Spokane area, making it exciting and lucrative to bet.

While you watch all the action on the many screens throughout the Sportsbook, you can keep track of the score on the ticker above the Sportsbook and Sports Bar. You’ll be able to keep up with the ongoing results without ever missing out on a second of the game play.

Place bets at the Sportsbook counter or at one of the many Caesars kiosks on the casino floor. When you’re hungry, head over to the Three Peaks Kitchen + Bar, Speelya’s Den, or the Sports Grill & Bar.

If you love sports, visit the Caesars Sportsbook at Spokane Tribe Casino to make the season even more exciting! We play all the major games each season on our high-definition screens, and we pay the best odds in for the entire Spokane area, including Airway Heights, Mead, Nine Mile Falls, Reardan, Medical Lake, and Post Falls. Visit us today and start placing your bets!

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